DotA – A Beginner’s Guide – Part 2

Before we begin, make sure you’ve read through DotA Beginner’s Guide – Part 1 of this series. Well, now that you have been conveyed the basic idea of the game in brief, I shall now proceed into detailing 
the various and diverse aspects of this game. The fact that a strong strategy is your ‘prime
directive’ has already been stressed in the previous part.

The main characteristic of DotA, above all else, 
is the different heroes you can choose from. There is a huge array of characters (heroes) in the game, 
each with his or her own set of skills and combos. We will now take a look at the different classes of
heroes in the game and how each type of hero must be handled.

dota heroes
A ‘few’ of the characters found in the game

Agility Heroes

Agility Heroes DotA
Agility Heroes

These heroes are the fastest attackers on the map, and are easily able to start the killings in the initial stages of the game. The ranged agility heroes are great at harassing opponents and denying creeps. 
At times, the game beginnings are entirely dependent on them while the remaining heroes try and 
level up. The Dwarven Sniper, Venomancer or Drow Ranger are perfect for starters. The melee ones
 are cool too, and some such as the Bounty Hunter are amazing heroes with their invisibility and wind
 walking features. A major advantage of an agility hero is that it is easy to control and understand for a 
beginner. However, many-a-agility heroes have the disadvantage of being fragile and are often good
only as supporters. Pitting a weak Agility class hero against a Strength hero in the later stages of the
game without backup or a way to run away is nothing but foolhardy. Of course, heroes like Anti-Mage
and Bloodseeker level up to be formidable enemies, but playing them requires a good level of mastery.

Intelligence Heroes

Intelligent Heroes DotA
Intelligent Heroes

This class of heroes includes characters with a good deal of mana at their disposal. Intelligence heroes
 are great both as support and as solo killers. Lina has a very powerful nuke and can stun multiple heroes 
in an area for a good deal of time, leaving them vulnerable to attack from her allies. The invoker is often
 useful for his versatile nature. Bane elemental can eliminate even the toughest of opponents with ease.
 A common trait, observable from the above examples, of the intelligence heroes is their ability to trap 
opponents and render them defenseless. Also, many of them can heal their allies, an often helpful 
characteristic. Therefore, intelligence heroes are often used by players to support the strength heroes 
who can deal massive damage and finish of enemies quickly. For some beginners, the intelligence
 heroes may be as comfortable to play with as the agility heroes or even better.

Strength Heroes

Strength Heroes  DotA
Strength Heroes

As the name would aptly suggest, the strength heroes are the pillars of any DotA clan team. Known as
 Carries, they become very powerful in the later stages of the game, majorly because of the huge health
bar. A strength hero well played can tilt the game in his favor against insane odds. Strength heroes can 
take and deal massive damage, once an opponent falls into their grip. Pudge is one of the most feared
 heroes in this category mainly because of its meat hook which can pull an enemy from a distance right
 into the middle of an ally get-together. The Sand King has the ability to stun an enemy and create a high
intensity earth-quake which mostly kills any character in its wake. Barathrum, controlled with good skill,
 can be the most intimidating hero in the entire game. Moreover, most of the strength heroes are able to run faster than other heroes. It is to be noted however, that strength heroes are only able to dominate 
in the later stages of the game, and must be well farmed in order to be powerful. Hence, they are only
 well controlled by experienced players and do not suit beginners very well.

Even after understanding the categories of players, be warned that some heroes are dominating in front
 of certain opponents but weak in comparison to some. Also, when choosing heroes for a team, some
 heroes best support a few heroes and do not accompany a few quite so well. These details can only be 
figured out after playing multiple games with different combinations of heroes. And I wish u the best for 
the same.