More Nokia Phones To Feature Dolby Digital Plus

Update: Nokia 808 PureView will be launched in the UK on 23rd April, 2012..

FICCI Frame 2012, Mumbai – Dolby Laboratories recently showcased their latest efforts with the recent Nokia Line-ups including Nokia 603, 700, 701, PureView 808 along with the elderly, Nokia N8. All of these phones pack in Dolby 5.1 surround sound technology. 

The main Dolby technology/ feature we are basically pointing at is the Digital Plus. In our curious attempt setting all other phone aside at the venue, we first performed a quick run through some of the highly touted features of Nokia 808 PureView (Prototype Model) and apart from the brobdingnagian 41MP Camera, we realized that the Dolby Digital Plus is a decent and an humble add-on. You can enable/ disable the Digital Plus feature while streaming the media with a convenient on-screen button, and needless to say, the audio quality is immersive with the Digital Plus enabled.

Nokia 808 PureView hasn’t launched yet. It’s due release in the first quarter of 2012. While all other phones we’ve talked above, will receive the Dolby Digital Plus feature in the upcoming software update.

Nokia 808 Pureview Prototype (Back)
Back view
Nokia Pureview 808Nokia 808 Pureview Prototype (Front)