GadgetTrak – Advanced Theft Recovery Hands-On Review

Did somebody steal your iPod? 

iPod illustration

The Problem:

Like everyday, you rushed into the local train and waited for the destination to arrive. When you reached the station and stepped out, you feel your iPod missing in your pocket and you hate to find out that you were a 100 millionth victim of pick pocketing. You have no other option except to spend some hard bucks on that expensive iPod you cant live without… But wait, rather than spending on a new one, you could get your stolen gadget back if BAK2u GadgetTrak is installed in your iPod. GadgetTrak is an anti-theft software that helps owners to track down their stolen gadgets through an intelligent service anywhere in the world! It not only works for an iPod but also for a USB Flash Drives, Digital Cameras & External Hard Disk!


Ok, ill explain how BAK2u GadgetTrak works. First, register and install the software onto your gadget. If the gadget is lost or stolen, log into your account and activate tracking for that device.

The next time the device is accessed it will contact the GadgetTrak server and provide data regarding the system it is plugged into. These information can then be used to report to the relevant authorities (law enforcement, service provider etc).