An Open Source Anti-Facebook Social Network Is Coming

Diaspora, unlike the corporate giants like Facebook, is an Open Source social networking website project that features privacy-aware, personally controlled socializing. This means, the privacy of the user interactions will be in full control of the user themselves.

It is fair to call it an Anti-Facebook initiative. The Diaspora project has been started by New York University students with an aim to serve the online social networking consumers a much better and fully secured-privacy controlled socializing. The highly anticipated Open Source social networking website ‘Diaspora’, is set to release on Sept, 15th 2010 and has successfully gathered more than $2,00,000 funding from all over.

Interestingly, the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also funded his share to this project. As a tradition of Open Source community, the source code of Diaspora will be made available publicly on the day it will be launched. Diaspora also plans to provide some amazing set of services viz.

  • OpenID
  • Voice-over IP
  • Distributed Encrypted Backups
  • Instant Messaging protocol
  • UDP integration

The interface and the exact features of Diaspora has not yet been confirmed yet but you can expect what it would probably look like,

diaspora screenshot
A preview snap of diaspora, the probable interface

It’s hard to say how well this initiative will do. The user interface and the feature set are the keys to the success of social networking business. Looking at the snap shot, the interface looks very clean and simple. Not much can be said as of now. Being Open Source, it is sure to attract a huge mass of geeky audience. Depending on how well it is implemented and depending on the feature set, Diaspora’s level of success will glow accordingly.

Wiki defines – Diaspora (In Greek: scattering of seeds) as the movement or migration of a group of people, such as those sharing a national and/or ethnic identity, away from an established or ancestral homeland.

What are your views on this? Do you think Diaspora will defeat the giants like Facebook considering it being a privacy focused social network?