Diablo 3 : How To Defeat Siegebreaker And Rakanoth

Diablo 3 is NOT the easiest of games. For the experienced veteran it might be sort of a breeze, but for the average gamer, the latter levels can be frustrating. Interestingly enough, the major end-of-act bosses of Diablo 3 are manageable compared to some of the mini bosses you encounter in between the acts. I’ve played Diablo 1 and 2 and am accustomed to the increased difficulty in the latter half of the game. The only time I was at the edge of frustration was while facing Siegebreaker, and then Rakanoth. Hence, i’m sharing a mini walk-through on how to beat both of them.



    This horrendous beast is a pain in the a** to beat. Mainly because there is no specific pattern as to how you can beat it. The simplest way to kill this beast is to wait for it to use one of its ground stomping area of effect attacks. Then get right behind it and slash away. Also be sure to never be in front of it, as it will occasionally rush at you which deals tremendous damage. Also, use the pillars to your advantage. Try and stay on the other side of the pillars as much as possible. Siegebreaker will eventually destroy all of them, but you can reduce his life to half in that much time, and then launch an all out attack. The fight is relatively easy in normal mode, but gets very difficult with increasing difficulty, as the bosses have their healths upgraded exponentially.



      This boss gave me huge headaches. The difficulty is finding out the right strategy. Once you have that sorted, it’s very easy to beat him. He’s one of Diablo’s champions, and rightly deserves the honor. He carries two huge blades, which are extremely sharp and deal huge amounts of damage. To make things worse, he has a huge array of attacks and also spawns minions, which aren’t easy to kill. To top all of this, he has a teleportation attack, using which he’ll teleport to where you are and slash at you with both of his swords. And accuracy is not a factor; he’ll always hit you, and eat away almost 90% of your health in one hit. And he always does this after spawning his minions, leaving them to deal the final blow. So you can understand my frustration, when after dying for 30-40 times, that I wanted to break my computer.

      Defeat Siegebreaker And Rakanoth

      Thankfully I was able to figure a way out, which turns out to be pretty easy. This requires constant use of potions, and a very effective armor based power. As soon as the battle begins, get away from him. He’ll slash you, before which you should use the armor based power. The power should absorb his attack. Then hit him once or twice, and go to the other side of the map. As long as you’re not near him, he will not spawn his minions, which makes the fight very easy. It also makes it tedious, but its the simplest way to beat him. Make sure to keep potions at hand so that if he slashes you without you using your armor power, you can use the potions and go back to full health.

      Barring these two bosses, none of the enemies proved to be very difficult. Though I still have the higher difficulty levels to try out, which people say are very tedious and can really test your patience. But a demon souls and dark souls player understands what they mean, and is rightfully happy about it. And for any of you who are still on the edge about buying Diablo 3, give it a try. It’s worth every penny!