Clean System – A Key To Faster OS

Choosing a right software to do the job

We know that sorting the files and folders is necessary to make them easily accessible. Defragmentation is one way to make programs execute faster. While cleaning and optimizing the internal system will make the overall system work better. Yeah, it’s as important as cleaning up your bowel system.

fast computer

By stating “internal system” I am referring to the registry, temporary files and other caching directories in Windows OS. Some handy and free applications like CCleaner and Comodo System Cleaner are excellent to quickly boost the system speed.

CCleaner :

Comodo System Cleaner: 

I have tried other registry cleaning programs but they tend to delete even those entries that are crucial for the stability of the system. CCleaner and Comodo are safe and stable. Make sure you do not clean up “prefetched data” frequently as prefetching is another essential option to speed up the file and folder access.