Circle Surround II Plug-in for Windows Media Player 9/10/11 [Win]

I’ve tested this plug-in long enough (been using it since past 3 years) and have always enjoyed every bit of the output delivered. I don’t have to put an effort to describe this awesome DSP plugin as it has been well defined by the makers of the plug-in itself. This is what the SRS Circle Surround II plug-in is about.

The SRS Circle Surround II Plug-in is for use in conjunction with the Windows Media Player® 9/10 Series on the PC. The CSII Plug-in was created to allow Windows Media users with multi-channel sound cards and speaker systems to take full advantage of their system when viewing or listening to mono, stereo or Circle Surround encoded music, movies or multimedia programming playable on the Media Player 9 Series.

In addition to its versatile surround decoding capabilities, the Circle Surround II Plug-in also enhances the presentation by adding patented Dialog ClarityTM and TruBass® processing. With Dialog Clarity,  the vocals and dialog, which are often buried in many compressed media formats, are lifted above the rest of the mix for a more accurate representation of the original recording. TruBass extends the ability of computer speakers to  play lower frequencies by adding psycho-acoustic bass enhancement for a heart-pounding bass experience.

In short, the Circle Surround II Plug-in will turn your computer into a home theater by adding the same technology that is included in millions of A/V receivers by leading manufacturers such as Kenwood, Marantz, Accuphase and Theta Digital. Until now, there was no surround decoder available for the computer that turns mono, stereo and Circle Surround encoded content into 5.1 surround. This new plug-in gives you the ability to take advantage of the same technology that is used on ESPN’s live broadcasts as well as many premiere sit-coms including Frasier and Becker.

Type: Trailware

Size: 4.48 MB