Can “God of War – Ascension” Ascend To The Top?

God of War – Ascension is the latest offering by Sony’s Santa Monica studios. After God of War 3, everybody wondered what was next for our beloved Kratos. Well, as it turns out, it’s right back to where it all started. Every end has a beginning, and that is exactly where Kratos is going.

God of War 2 was my favorite of the series. The original God of War introduced us to Kratos and his quest for revenge. God of War 3 completes this story with a rather flawed ending. But it was God of War 2 which mixed action with puzzle solving extremely well, which made the game unique in comparison to the other two. Don’t get me wrong, both the original and the last game in the series had many good puzzle solving elements and were brilliant games in general, but God of War 2 added time shifting to the mix and some truly incredible moments(horse riding anyone?) which really stood out in my opinion. After I was done with God of War 2, the bar was set extremely high. And as such, I wonder if Ascension can raise it ever higher.

Well for starters, the graphics have received an overhaul, which is a testament to the hard work done by Santa Monica, given how great God of War 3 looked at the time of release. Even the action element has received a big overhaul. If the game-play trailer is any indication, the latest entry in the series will be more action packed and more gruesome than ever. And who doesn’t like the extra dose of gore in a video-game? I certainly do.

God of War Ascension

As far as the story and puzzle solving goes, we’ll have to wait and watch. The story of God of War 3, albeit good, was too convoluted for its own good. It raised as many questions as it managed to answer. If Ascension can combine the steady pacing of God of War 2 with the boss battles of God of War 3 and add an epic story into the mix, then we might just have the dream game we’ve been waiting for. And it’s fair to trust Santa Monica to achieve this. They’ve already given us three great games and a character fitting of the title of “God of War” .

  • Anon

    According to many polls conducted at least 80% of people who’ve played all 3 amazing games agree that GoW3>GoW2>GoW1. Every game outdoes its predecessor so I’m expecting God of War: Ascension to do the same, although I doubt it somewhat because God of War III is practically perfect in every way.

    God of War III didn’t have a convoluted story at all; you either didn’t pay any attention or have simply misused the word. The ending isn’t flawed at all, it all makes perfect sense and couldn’t have ended as well any other way. Also the puzzles are just as good in GoW1&3 as they are in 2, GoW3 may have had fewer puzzles but they were quality and meant that the game felt more packed full of epic and enjoyable moments rather than just puzzles used as filler to artificially pad out the games length.
    God of War III was and still is the dream game we were waiting for which is why it went on to being the best selling (5.2+ million), most beloved and most critically acclaimed game in the genre of all time, if God of War: Ascension can top it by even just a little bit then it’s going to be unbelievably magnificent!