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Both Flock and Firefox are powered by the same technology, Mozilla. Flock is very close to the structure of Firefox but, there are somethings that make Flock better, especially for ‘Social Media’ users. A better provision of user-friendliness and convenience is what Flock serves. I’m not saying that Firefox is not good enough. It’s just vintage! Why don’t you try something new? It’s a same browser with better features.

So you are thinking, what exactly are those features that make Flock better than ‘my Firefox’?

Highlights (Considering Firefox 3 and Flock 2):

  • Flock and Firefox both have larger memory footprints than earlier versions, but memory management has improved greatly. The good news is that Flock and Firefox do a much better ‘house-keeping’ job managing memory over time. This means that Flock will consume the most memory only on it’s first run. On subsequent start-ups, Flock will require a relatively flat amount of memory, rather than increasing its consumption over time. This also means that less memory will be consumed when multiple tabs are open and when extensions are installed. Flock has a number of powerful features built on top of the Firefox architecture that allow you to have a truly unique browsing experience. These features come with a price, and that price is a slightly larger memory footprint. Comparing Flock to Firefox with no extensions installed is like comparing apples with oranges. In order to enjoy any advanced functionality in Firefox you need to install extensions, unlike Flock which has lots of advanced features built right in. Firefox extensions will increase both the memory footprint, and the risk of memory leaks over time. That said, all of the memory improvements in Firefox (including many memory leak fixes and much better memory management ‘housekeeping’ practices) apply to Flock , so you should experience notably improved browsing performance with Flock than you’ve experienced in prior versions,
  • Flock quickly integrates with each Firefox security update,
  • With my personal experience, i found Flock more stable than Firefox,
  • The first thing you’ll notice is the blue Flock Star within the Media Bar instead of Flock 1’s grey star. Clicking this star will favorite the current stream and turn it orange, just like when favoriting a web page. Clicking an orange star in the Media Bar will, for the first time, provide a collection of options for this favorite media stream. The first is an option to delete said stream, as many people found it difficult to delete a favorite media stream in Flock 1. This dialog will also offer options to rename the favorite media stream and to place it in a folder (folders being yet another new feature). These combine to allow a brand new level of organization for favorite media streams, saving even more of your valuable time, Data Source: Flock
  • Flock helps you stay connected on social media websites through ‘People’ sidebar.

Have you tried it yet? Do it if haven’t, because it’s not a crime to try something new, isn’t it? You have the right to share your opinions in the comment section, so please add a comment!