Bomgar 11.1 Provides The Very Best In Remote Support Solutions

Bomgar is the world leader when it comes to remote desktop support solutions for computers, servers, smartphones, tablets and other network devices. It uses the network connection of these devices to provide support solutions for the customers. Using Bomgar remote support, the users can control and provide support for the devices using this network connection. This reduces the need for onsite visits, phone support and allows the reps to respond to peak demands effectively. Hence, it can empower your support team to monitor, control and provide solutions for mobile devices and computers in an efficient manner.

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Bomgar 11.1 is is designed to give companies the leading edge when it comes to providing support solutions for their customers. This makes providing support solutions efficient and cost effective for the investing companies. Some of the brilliant features and enhancements of Bomgar 11.1 are listed below.

Key Features

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 Representative productivity tools

Reps have the ability to support an unlimited number of unattended devices with the new Jump Client Scalability feature. The Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support increases the reps ability and speed to resolve issues that span multiple monitors.

Mobility tools

The iPad Rep Console extends Bomgar’s suppot solution capabilities to the iPad tablet device. The Bomgar Android Client delivers support to users on smart-phones and tablets with the industry leading Android platform.

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Support Performance Analytics

Bomgar Analytics optimizes your support operations by speeding up your understanding and resolutions of IT critical support challenges and opportunities. It provides dashboard view for industry standard reports and tracks performance over time. Thus is allows the reps to fine tune their operations and customize reports.

Tighter support for Web based applications

Bomgar allows the user to streamline round – trip integration with critical web based applications such as help desk ticketing systems. Rep Console Scripting enhances the console and API to initiate command from other applications. The Rep Console Custom Link creates a one click shortcut back to the ticketing systems and other web based applications.

Tight focus on Security

Bomgar’s Embassy Authentication feature enables control over trust subject matter experts and maintains security over sessions with your support teams. This feature offers LDAP and RADIUS authentication.

Some key enhancements found in version 11.1 include

  • Silent Support – Sessions can now be started in the users task bar to provide unobtrusive support.
  • Rep Console Notifications – Keeps reps updates about important action points. Provides notifications in the form of pop ups and visual alerts.
  • SMS Session Start – Sessions can now be started via the mobile using SMS facility.
  • Mobile System Info. Logging – Information about remote device can now be captured and used by the support reps to gain a better understanding about the device in order to provide better support.
  • Disable Session Key – Redundant session keys from web based applications can now be disabled by removing the keys at the rep level.
  • Auto-join a Session – The support reps can now automatically connect to active sessions to rapidly provide a higher level of support to the customers and resolve critical issues.
  • Inactive Session Timeout – Inactive sessions will now be timed out automatically.
  • Uninterrupted License Updates – Licenses can now be updated and added without the need to schedule them or restart the Bomgar software.
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Bomgar currently is compatible with all the major operating systems for computers as well as mobile phones (mobile remote support) and tablets and supports most of the handheld devices. In order to try Bomgar, you have to request for an evaluation after which a bomgar representative will get back to you shortly.

The evaluation form can be found here.