Better Speed and Security With OpenDNS

OpenDNS was launched by computer scientist and entrepreneur David Ulevitch. OpenDNS  provides access free DNS servers which are available for use to everyone, individuals and businesses. It is an excellent alternative to the Internet Service Provider’s DNS servers. The servers are setup optimally so that the user can experience faster DNS queries and as a result there is a noticeable increase in browsing speed.


The best way to get the most from this service is to register on OpenDNS (it’s free) and follow the setup guide. When you’re done setting up the basic configuration, you can further customize it. Like you can block  unwanted domains which are related to adults only, abusive, racism, adware and a big list to chose from, thus making the internet browsing experience much faster and safer.

Other features include a phishing filter, domain blocking and typo correction. By collecting a list of malicious sites, OpenDNS blocks access to these sites when a user tries to access them through their service. OpenDNS also launched Phishtank, where users around the world can submit and review suspected phishing sites.

Here are a few handy links to get started with:

If you just need better DNS queries, you can continue using the service with registering. The OpenDNS servers are: