The Best PC Game Mods Of All Time

Mods have been one of the most popular aspects of PC gaming for a long long time. They haven’t been established on the consoles in a very effective way. This has resultantly been cited as a very important advantage for the PC over the consoles. They give the user the ability to modify the game to make it more efficient, stable, and fun. They range from graphics overhauls to weapon customization to entire levels. Thus, they they add an extra layer of content to a game.

Over the years, there have been many mods released for many games. Some have helped improve the quality of the game, some have become standalone sensations. Below is a list of what i believe are the best mods of all time:

The Unofficial Oblivion Patch

The Elders Scroll 4: Oblivion was a great game. But it wasn’t without its problems. There were a lot of bugs in the game which caused problems for many users. This patch removed over 1800 of such bugs. It also removes the problems the modders faced while creating mods for oblivion. Hence most of the mods will require you to install this patch before you can try them out. And the best thing is even after so many years of its release, its still being updated which shows the dedication of the creators to make oblivion a better experience for everybody.

GTA 4 Icenhancer Mod

This is one relatively new but has already made waves in the PC gaming world. Since GTA 4 was released on the PC, there have been many graphics mods which have tweaked and improved the look and feel of the game. But, no mod has made it look this good. Check out the video below to fully understand why we at Upcoming Technology are big fans of this mod. And it does not hit the system as hard as you might expect. So if you’re still playing GTA 4, there’s no reason not to try this out.

Half life – Heart of Evil

Quite possibly the best half life mod ever released, this mod is a total conversion for the single player game. Set during the vietnam war, your mission is to assassinate a certain colonel who goes by the name of Kurtz. Its based on a movie which a similar premise, one which i shouldn’t mention since that would spoil the story. The only hint i can give you is that both the mod and the movie share something in common; both are masterpieces. And both shouldn’t be missed.

Half Life – They hunger

Originally a half life mod, it is now being made into a standalone game. This is another total conversion for the game, and is usually considered to be of the best half life mods. You’re a writer who is travelling to a cabin in the woods. You car gets forced off the road by a lightning bolt which lands you in a pool of water. And this is where the nightmare starts. Its a brilliant experience which am sure must have inspired the development of left4dead in more ways than one.

Half Life 2 – Minerva

This is probably the best mod for half life 2. Brilliant level design, perfect pacing, long campaign, and strong relevance with the half life universe make this an absolute must play for the fans.

Oblivion – The Lost Spire

This is my favourite oblivion mod. It adds a new archaeology guild to the game along with a number of quests and unique dungeons. With a 15 hour campaign and a brilliant story, its easily one of the best mods i have ever played. Plus you can loot all the soul gems you can possibly desire, which is epic.

Half life – Team Fortress Classic

Originally a quake mod, TF was later ported to the half life engine, resulting in one of the most popular mods of the time. It is a team and class based multiplayer game which is based on a certain set of objectives. What makes this game so exciting is that each class has its own unique set of weapons and equipment, which is different from the other classes. This adds a level of depth to the gameplay, and makes you think as a team before going into a fight. A sequel was released in 2007 which took the game to a new level of popularity. But the original is still considered to be one of the best multiplayer games even today.

Half life – Counter Strike

This one needs no introduction. Released originally as a mod, it was later distributed as a standalone game, and has since sold over 10 million copies. It is widely considered to be the best multiplayer game out there, and has the biggest fan following of all online shooters. To sum it up, the word e-sport exists because of this game (and Starcraft).

Warcraft 3 – Defense of the Ancients

How popular can a single map be? The answer is – IMMENSELY! Released as a mod for Warcraft 3, it became more popular than the game ever was. The objective is simple; you have a hero, your opponent has a hero; all you have to do is defend your forces and destroy your opponents. But the map is so well designed, and the mod is so well balanced, that it has garnered a legendary status in the gaming world. If there ever was a mod to make people switch over from counter strike, this is it. The good news is that Valve is making a sequel for the game, so expect there to be a lot of maps, a lot of heroes, and plenty of support for the game for a long long time after its release.