Audio Technica CKP300 Hands-On Review

Audio Technica CKP300 (ATH CKP300) is a sports series in-ear headphone, which comes from a brand known for it’s high quality audio products. Audio Technica CKP300 is specifically designed for portability and compatibility with different portable audio devices available. I bought them and thought a hands-on review might help you guys decide, in case you are looking for a new pair!

Build Quality

Audio Technica CKP300 being sport series earphones have a good build quality. The cord is rubberized and will not get tangled easily because of the new bended bushing design. The earphones are drip proof/moisture resistant(IPX2 cleared by JIS/IEC). The earphones have 3.5mm connectors which are compatible with most of the portable devices. Both the extension cord and the earphone have gold plated connectors for high audio quality. The earphones have an I-shaped connector while the extension cord has a L-shaped connector.


At a price of about INR 1,800 you expect good audio quality and the CKP300 doesn’t disappoint. Even though these earphones cover a wide range of frequencies (5 ~ 22,000Hz), these are more focused on the mids and highs. The 10.7 mm driver delivers clear sound. The separation is good on these earphones, different instruments can be heard clearly. The soundstage is OK considering these are In-ear monitors. I wouldn’t call these bassy earphones, not that the bass output from these earphones is low, these earphones do provide good amount of bass, but rap & hip-hop listeners may find it to be on the lower side. These are fairly bright earphones more suited for rock, classical music. These earphones provide good isolation even in noisy surroundings. The impedance of these earphones is 16 ohms which makes them easy to drive, but it may cause some noise to creep in.

ATH CKP300 (Front)
ATH CKP300 (Side)

What’s In The Box

  • Earphones
  • Extension cable
  • Silicone tips
  • Information booklet
ATH CKP300 (Kit)

The earphones come in a well packaged box, which is easy to open unlike some other earphone boxes where you have to use a knife or scissors. The box has a transparent top trough which you see the earphone’s tips. Inside the box you will find an Instruction booklet (in 8 languages), extra silicone tips, an extension cord & the earphones.

Audio technica provides with four sets of tips with these earphones extra small, small, medium & large.

The earphone’s cord is 0.6m long, they have also included 0.6m long extension cable if the earphone’s cord is too short for some devices.


For their price these do provide a bang for the buck. They have good build quality, clear sound, drip proof. Apart from the short earphone cord and slightly low bass, these are worth buying!

Tech Specs

  • Product Name – ATH-CKP330
  • Driver – 10.7mm
  • Output Sound – 105dB/mW
  • Frequency Response – 5 –  22,000Hz
  • Max Input Power – 100mW
  • Impedance  – 16
  • Weight – Approximetely 7g
  • Plug – ø3.5mm Gold Plated Stereo Mini Plug
Availability – Yes
Price – ₹ 1,800