Review: The 10,050mAH Power Bank From ASUS

Power banks can be real life savers – a statement no smartphone user will disagree with. I’d say, if consumer-tech industry has come up with anything purposeful in recent times, then it’s these cute-and-handy blocks of portable power. And ASUS appears to be sinking well into the smartphone scene. Now they have come up with well chiseled power banks too. They not only looks gorgeous, but also pack well in a sexy design.

(A quick heads up – This will be a review specifically and ONLY with the ‘form factor’ in context. Almost all leading companies offer well performing power banks. So performance is presumed to be at par with all similar products).



The form factor! Zenpower has been touted to be a credit sized portable devices. And there’s really no doubt about it. It’s convenient to carry and you can easily snug it into your pant’s pocket.


The device comes with a very short charging cable (a problem with most other brands too). A charging cable should ideally be longer, or at least the package should offer two separate cables. Where one cable can be long enough to plug into wall sockets. And the other cable can be meant for portability.

Current pricing: Between Rs. 1,500 to 1,800.

Digression – The number 10,050 is quite amusing. I think it’s only intended to help consumers uniquely search, recognise and associate (10,000 + the extra 50) mAH specifically with Zenpower. I doubt if they actually programmed the device to specifically hold the extra 50 mAH.

Err… what Raj? Okay. Just look up “10,050 mAH” on Google search.

Specification sheet:

  • Packed with 10050 mAh Lithium-ion
  • 2.4A Quick Charge
  • 11 Safety Features (especially JIETA Protection) and 6 international Certifications
  • 215 gms in weight
  • Available in 5 color models
  • Protective Bumper – slip, scratch resistance
  • Plugging cycle test for 5000 times
  • Aluminum casing that can withstand 60kg of pressure.