Sync And Control Android Phones From Your Computer [Android]

— AndroidPC project has been withdrawn by its author. Hence, this article is no longer valid —

AndroidPC v.2.0 is one of the best mobile managing suits available for Android phones, enabling the users to quickly connect their Android phones with the computer, regardless of the operating system, whether it be linux, mac or windows. The user can easily send and receive SMS, calls, get desktop notifications for incoming calls and messages, sync contacts and messages with the computer.

I’ve been hunting for a mobile managing suite since the day I bought an Android powered HTC Wildfire. Mobile managing suits really help to make things more convenient to control your cell phones without having the need to physically touch them. I recently discovered this tiny app called ‘AndroidPC’ that performs much more than it’s size. It allows the users to connect and take control of Android phones with a computer bearing a Mac, Linux or Windows operating system. It is compatible literally with any operating system.

android green

In order to use AndroidPC, you need to install AndroidPC app on the phone and a provided Java App on your computer.

  • Make sure you have a Java Runtime Environment install on your computer, or else get it from Java’s website:
  • With that, get AndroidPC for your phone from the Android market or with the QR code:
qrcode androidpc
Scan this QR Code
  • At last, you need a working Wi Fi connection (I know that sucks, but for now this the only connectivity path the app supports) and follow the steps from this link: Installation – How To

To summarize, here are some key facts about AndroidPC,

The Goodness –

  • Runs on all operating system platforms
  • Low on system resources
  • Small size
  • Receive and make a phone call from PC
  • Send and receive files on Android phones
  • Manage contact information and messages
  • Reply to messages from PC without the need of touching the phone
  • View your phone’s information
  • Missed call list

What sucks –

  • With the version 2.0, you can only use the suite with a working Wi Fi connection, the author is working on adding the USB support in the upcoming versions.
  • No support for Bluetooth