Advanced Excerpt Plugin – Keep All HTML Tags Intact

With Advanced Excerpt Plugin you can easily display your WordPress posts as excerpts without trimming away the necessary HTML tags.

It is a core-essential to customize your blog and make it look clean and properly structured. First of all, what is a post excerpt? It is a preview of the actual post where it displays only few texts from the actual post. Post excerpt is something preferred by most bloggers since it has many advantages attached. Readers can navigate through the home page of the concerned blog and select the topic of interest easily when the list of posts are in excerpt format. It also adds to the appearance of the blog.

Excerpting the posts can be painful if you do not have a right setup to work with. Many plugins perform their job perfectly but strip away the necessary HTML tags included in the formatting of the posts. With Advanced Excerpt Plugin you can easily and fully customize the excerpts and control how your posts will look like when in excerpt mode.

This is how a post looks like with basic excerpting. In this case all the tags have been stripped off making the excerpt look hide us:

normal excerpt
Screen 1

The same post with using Advanced Excerpt Plugin:

advanced excerpt plugin
Screen 2

How to use the Advanced Excerpt Plugin:

  • After downloading and installing it, navigate to Admin panel > Settings > Excerpt
  • customize the way you want or must keep with the default settings intact. (Keeping the default settings will include all the html tags in the excerpted post)
  • That is all you need to do.

Configuration options offered:

Screen 3

Advanced Excerpt Plugin is developed by Bas, a Computer Science student.

Download the plugin from: WordPress plugin directory