Adobe Photoshop Touch – [Android] [iOS]

[] [iOS] – iOS and Android users have access to a never ending list of apps for download. The App Store and Google Play are one of the most visited websites through internet enabled and compatible devices. Well known desktop apps have been ported to iOS/ Android platforms and some of the popular names include Skype, MSN Messenger and FX Movie Maker. Now Adobe Photoshop, a popular photo-editing tool that’s used by millions of developers and consumers around the world, is now available for Android and iOS smartphones as Adobe Photoshop Touch.

A bit of history

This isn’t the first launch of Adobe Photoshop Touch – it was already available for iPad and Android tablets. Due to the growing popularity among the platforms, the app has now been extended to smartphones too. The tablet version went mainstream quickly after the more features were picked up from the desktop version.

The smartphone version, however, doesn’t contain any new additions from the developers and is almost similar to its tablet counterpart. The only difference was the re-sizing and re-engineering that developers at Adobe did to make the app work smoothly on the phones with smaller screens. The app is also optimized for the taller display of the sixth-generation iPhone.

Photoshop users who have been using the desktop version of Photoshop can quickly grasp the concept and features of the app.


Once the app is launched, the user will be presented with an option to proceed with a new project or whether or not to follow a tutorial. The tutorial is helpful to locate the tools and the positioning of the toolset isn’t similar to the desktop version of the software. This will also help first-time users to get accustomed to the user interface.

There are 13 tutorials in total, and they guide the user through different functions of the app such as how to use different effects, shadows, blends, colors and background effects. A small banner appears at the top of the screen displaying the instructions, and the user also receives a pop up notification stating the required tool on certain occasions.

With respect to the user interface, some tools are on the main screen, while others are located at the bottom corner. However, a small arrow can be swiped to display them. There’s also a layers palette on the right side of the screen. The top layer is the one that’s the top in the stack, just like on the desktop version of the Adobe Photoshop. There’s also a 3D view feature that can be accessed by double-tapping any layer.

Users will be able to add a photo as a layer, use the pencil, deselect options, edit levels and saturation, add different effects and customize images.

The app is available on (Android and iOS app stores) for $4.99.