Little Big Star – A Desktop (PC) Gaming Alternative To Guitar Hero!

A complete pack to learn and have fun with

There are a lot of people who are willing to play with their real guitar on Guitar Hero, sadly Guitar Hero only supports only it’s controller. But somebody (Ole), thought of incorporating real musical instruments with a game based on the concept of Guitar Hero and release it for free use! Little Big Star is built on a unique technology which supports any real instruments, MIDI instruments and game controllers. It’s the worlds first next-generation music gaming and teaching software.

Here are the current highlights of Little Big Star:

  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Support for VST plugins
  • Support for Guitar pro tabs
  • Open Source Code
  • For Personal Use Only
  • Only a few mega bytes in size
  • Supports Ogg Vorbis
  • Supports Windows XP and it’s later versions
  • More upgrades in pipeline
Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3

The program is in Beta and it’s obvious that you might not get an exceptionally great performance. I have used it and I have to admit that Little Big Star will definitely fly a long way.

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