4G LTE Technology Massive Roll Out To Begin In 2012

UPCOMING TECHNOLOGY – With a step up in the way smart phones/ tablets are used and the steep rise in data consumption, 3G technology seems outdated to meet the rising bandwidth requirements. While the data transfer capability offered by 3G networks might be sufficient for many users, it isn’t for many others. Mobile devices are continuously being used for streaming video, audio and other data involving heavy data transmission and in countries where 4G isn’t out yet, it can be disappointing. And there are devices are already out in the market that exceed the network’s bandwidth capabilities, some devices might fail to fully utilize it’s data transmission capability because of the network’s speed limitations.

4G LTE advantages
Graphical representation of data

But, this will soon be history. Firstly, let me explain what 4G LTE is. 4G LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, which is one of the latest standards in mobile network technology. It offers data transfer speeds as high as 1 GB/s. Statistics say – 280 operators in 90 countries are building 4G LTE networks, as reported by The Global Mobile Suppliers Association. And a good number of them will make their services live in 2012. And iSuppli Corp’s research suggests, the 4G LTE subscribers to grow by 400 percent in 2012; about 10 percent of global wireless subscribers will have LTE connections by 2015.

Notably, the speed offerings are variable in different countries, as you can notice in the chart above. For the geek and web enthusiast folks, it’s a win and a delicious treat for accessing content on the web at super high speeds. Just think about it, once this new technology reaches every corner of the world, human interactions over distance will be strongly connected than ever. You won’t really need to move out of your shelter or travel, where the communication can be achieved via your 4G LTE communicating device.

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