3D Invisibility Cloaking Device Has Been Created

Two years after successfully creating a 2D invisibility cloaking device, scientists have moved a step further and created the first invisibility cloaking device that can render an object invisible in three dimensions. Even though this is not a “complete and full form” of invisibility cloaking but, it is an a very significant step towards achieving it.

Tolga Ergin, a scientist from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany led the study. This device, called as ‘Carpet Cloak’ was designed to initially designed to work in two dimensions. The carpet cloak was originally designed to work in two dimensions. But, when Dr Ergin and his colleagues calculated how the rays of light would travel through an object, they realised that they could use their technique to build a structure that would work in three dimensions.

The “nanostructure” of tiny rods bends light around a bump in the gold surface

They used the cloak to conceal a small bump on a gold surface — a bit like hiding a small object underneath a carpet and then making both the bump and the carpet invisible.

Source: BBC Technology